PS Devolution – Mr. Charles T. Sunkuli,CBS

Mr Charles T. Sunkuli, CBS PS Devolution

Mr. Charles T. Sunkuli,CBS, is the current Principal Secretary, State Department for Devolution, Ministry of Devolution and development of ASALs. He has previously served as the Principal Secretary, Ministry of Environment and Forestry, a position he held from December, 2015 to February, 2018.

Prior to his appointment as the Principal Secretary, Mr. Sunkuli worked with Ewuaso Ng’iro South River Development Authority (ENSDA) where he rose through the ranks to become the Managing Director from 2010-2016.

He has a wealth of experience in Public Service spanning over 18 years. Mr. Sunkuli is an experienced management strategist with a solid background in Administration, Planning, Management and Leadership.

He holds two Executive Masters Degree in Business Administration (EMBA) from Eastern and Southern Africa Management Institute (ESAMI) and Maastricht School of Management (MSM) Netherlands, a Bachelor of Education Degree (B.Ed. Arts) from Moi University. He has also undertaken various specialized trainings including Procurement Standards and Socio-Economic Development, Governance and Godly leadership in the United States of America (USA) among many others.

Mr. Sunkuli has held other positions nationally and globally including being the Designated National Focal Point of the Green Environmental Facility (GEF) of the United Nations Environment Program, Board Member of the Strategic Approach to International Chemical Management (SAICM), National Focal Point of the Lake Victoria Basin Commission (LVBC) and Life Member of the International Red Cross Society among many other community based leadership positions.

He strives for results based performance as evidenced in the recent ban of plastic bags in Kenya, implementation of a robust solid waste management programme that led to closure of Ngong and Kibarani dumpsites in Kajiado and Mombasa respectively.

Mr. Sunkuli negotiated funding for Ngong Integrated Waste Management treatment plant to the tune of Kshs.2.1 Billion from the Italian Co-operation and oversaw the enactment of the Climate Change Act, 2016, which put Kenya on the first lane in combating Climate Change.

He pioneered a robust weather information access program by the Kenya Meteorological Department, information which is now available online. As the National Focal Point of GEF, he successfully negotiated for funding of Key National Programmes through the Global Environment Facility (GEF).