Kenya, with 80% arid and semi-arid lands (ASAL), has been suffering from consecutive natural disasters of drought and flooding in recent years. This has contributed to decrease in pasture lands and consequent destabilization of livelihoods of pastoralist communities. It is therefore an urgent issue for the country to prepare against flood/drought and to manage its natural resources.

In Turkana County, with the highest poverty rate in the country, 60% of its population is engaged in pastoralism highly depending on natural resources such as groundwater and natural rangelands. It is therefore required to sustainably manage the County’s natural resources (use of groundwater and natural rangelands) to enhance resilience of pastoralists communities to prepare against future drought, and to diversify their livelihoods to decrease their vulnerability. Moreover, it is an urgent issue to strengthen implementation capacities of the County Government considering that it has been the main player due to decentralization and restructuring of the Central Government.

Under these conditions, the Government of the Republic of Kenya requested the Government of Japan to implement a project for resilience enhancement in Turkana County. Both Governments then agreed on Record of Discussion (R/D) in November2016 which outlines the implementation of “The Project on Enhancing Community Resilience against Drought through Sustainable Natural Resources Management and Livelihood Diversification in Turkana County (ECoRAD2)”.

Objective of the Project

To improve resilience against drought in targeted sites in the county to be enhanced through sustainable rangelands management using groundwater based on pastoralists’ behavioral characteristics on scientific basis, and preparation of alternative livelihood in addition to pasturage by targeted communities for increase in standard of living level, mitigation of damages, and early recovery from damages.
Project Duration: 5 years (2017- 2022)
Project Budget: 500 million
Overall Goal: Approach for enhancing resilience of pastoralists communities against drought in Turkana County that can be extended over other ASAL regions
Project Purpose: Resilience of pastoralist communities against drought is improved in Turkana County

Direct beneficiaries: Turkana County government officers and staff
Ultimate beneficiaries: Targeted communities
Implementation Bodies: Ministry of Devolution and ASAL Areas, National Drought Management Authority (NDMA) and Turkana County Government

Output 1: Sustainable natural resources management for improvement of resilience against drought is realized in targeted communities
Output 2: Livelihood diversification is improved based on project activities in targeted communities
Output 3: Capacity of government officers on drought management is improved in Turkana County