Training of Census Research Assistants on Street Families

The State Department for Arid and Semi-Arid Lands (ASALs) has through the Street Families Rehabilitation Trust Fund (SFRTF) embarked on a 5-day training programme for Research assistants to undertake the National Census on Street Families. The 144 Research Assistants and 47 supervisors will spearhead the counting of street families in all the counties.

The National Census on Street Families is the first one of its kind in Kenya and the East African region. Results from the Census will make readily available baseline data that will assist the government in formulating policies and strategies to address the plight of street families.

Specifically, the census results will be used to: Collect data on street families to inform policy and programming for street families; Establish the magnitude and demographic characteristics of the street families in Kenya; Assess the socio-economic, political and push & pull factors of street families; Generate a databank for street families; and Map out existing services, opportunities and potential challenges for street families.

The training would also equip the Researcher Assistants with knowledge and skills that would enable them collect high quality data on the extent of the Street families’ phenomena and capture specific causes that lead families to the streets. Upon analysis, the census results will provide clear explanations on the nature. This exercise will also enable the mapping out of hot spot areas where street families reside and the type of work the children are involved in.

The mapping will be done with support of the County Government officials and County Commissioners who are well versed within their areas of jurisdiction.

The training was officially opened by Amb (Dr) Leonard Ngaithe on behalf of Principal Secretary Mr. Micah Powon. He urged the researchers to be diligent in their work and to ask as many questions as possible to be versed with the census tool that will deal with any eventualities in the field.