Mr. Micah Pkopus Powon, CBS, PS, State Department for ASA

Mr. Micah Pkopus Powon, CBS

Mr. Powon holds a Master of Science in Horticulture from Egerton University and a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture from the University of Nairobi.

He assumed this position in early 2018 after serving as Principal Secretary, State Department for Devolution, and Correctional Services respectively. As the Principal Secretary, State Department for ASAL Areas, Mr. Powon is involved in spearheading:

  • Coordination and implementation of special programmes for the development of Northern Kenya and other Arid Lands;
  • Food Relief Management;
  • Promotion of  socio-economic development and rehabilitation of street families; and
  • Community mobilization;

In his previous assignment as PS Devolution, he spearheaded:

  • Coordination of Inter-Governmental Relations;
  • Implementation of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR);
  • Strengthening of bilateral consultations and joint intervention mechanisms between national government and individual counties;
  • Management of Devolution Affairs, where he supported the bill on Assumption of office of Governors, amendment of Urban Areas and Cities Act, development  of regulations on County Government’s Act and Intergovernmental Relations Act 2012;
  • Capacity building and technical assistance by strengthening the capacities of agencies to effectively implement devolution policies, programmes and projects through Civic Education;
  • Implementing national civic education campaigns programs.

As Principal Secretary, State Department of Correctional Services, Mr. Powon spearheaded:

  • the Multi-Agency Taskforce on Capacity of Kenya Prisons Service;
  • rehabilitated inmates and recommended to the National Security Council sustainable strategies on the same;
  • reforms to ensure enhancement of productivity and commercial management of Kenya Prison Enterprises;
  • the development of National Policy on effective utilization of prisoners labour.

Prior to becoming a PS, he served as the CEO Cotton Development Authority (CODA) for 4 years. At CODA he undertook joint activities with International Trade Center (ITC), African Cotton and Textile Federation (ACTIF), USAID, Common Funds for Commodities (CFC) USA, Kenya Gatsby Trust (KGT), COMESA, Kenya Investment Authority, Kenya Seed Company, Kenya Agricultural Research Institute (KARI) and National Irrigation Board in Kenya among others.

He was at the forefront of developing policy frameworks for Agriculture sector in Kenya, developing long term strategies, policies, business plans, establishment of internal monitoring and control systems and procedures. He was Director Kenya National Standard Council for 1 year, Center Director KARI Matuga for 2 years and a Research Scientist for 12 years.

He has been involved in numerous community development projects and programmes including research on:  horticultural crops and appropriate technologies aimed at improving the welfare of farming communities in Kenya and furtherance of education for nomadic communities.

He has attended various professional courses such as the Advanced Management Course from Kenya Institute of Management, Nairobi, Corporate Governance by Center for Corporate Governance, Mombasa and Strategic Leadership and Change Management for Directors of State Corporations, Nairobi.