The Ministry of Devolution and ASAL was established in January 2018 following the restructuring of the Government. It consists of two State Departments; Devolution and ASAL, both of which formed part of the defunct Ministry of Devolution and Planning from April 2013 to January, 2018. The Ministry is in charge of the Management of devolution affairs and ASAL.

The functions of the Ministry are drawn from Articles 6, 187, 189 and 190 of the Constitution of Kenya, the Executive Order No. 1/2016 and the various Acts under which devolution is implemented including: Transition to Devolved Government Act, 2013; Intergovernmental Relations Act, 2012; and County Governments Act, 2012. The following are the core functions of the Ministry.

  • Coordination of development of laws, policies and guidelines for management of devolution and ASALs;
  • Capacity building and technical assistance to counties;
  • Facilitation of intergovernmental relations between the national and county governments and among county governments;
  • Facilitation of public participation in policy and decision-making processes;
  • Tracking of programme implementation in counties;
  • Coordination of stakeholders’ engagement;
  • Overseeing management of public assets and liabilities at the county level;
  • Facilitation of transfer of functions between the national and county governments;
  • Establishment and promotion of systems for efficient and effective implementation of devolution and ASAL; and
  • Coordination of implementation of targeted policy interventions.
  • Promote socio-economic development;
  • Community mobilization;
  • Food Relief Management; and
  • Implementation of special programmes for the development of Northern Kenya and other Arid Lands

Institutions under the Ministry

  • Council of Governors
  • Intergovernmental Relations Technical Committee
  • National Drought Management Authority